Joyriding In Autismland: Autism Podcast with Kid Gigawatt : 19 Elizabeth Mortati | On art therapy, outsider art, and directing The Art Department in Portland, Maine

Launched by parents of an infectiously funny and *mostly* happy boy on the spectrum, the Joyriding in Autismland podcast chats with ASD parents, kiddos, therapists, writers, and artists about the unexpected, charming, and funny moments with Autism. Because laughing? Is the best vacation. Find the show notes online at

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Liz Mortati founded and directs The Art Department in Portland, Maine - they provide art therapy and working space to adults with disabilities, and sell the artists' work in their gallery space.


After graduating from college, Liz worked at San Francisco-based nonprofit arts organization Creativity Explored, which became the inspiration for her work once she returned to Maine. Initially connecting with Creative Trails, she worked with them to develop an arts program that became The Art Department.

We chat about outsider art, the progress the artists have made, and some of her favorite projects so far. Keep up with The Art Department on YouTube and on Facebook - they are doing incredible work!


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