Joyriding In Autismland: Autism Podcast with Kid Gigawatt : 22 Eric Tivers | On treating ADHD from both sides of the couch, forgetting your Mom's birthday, and the neurological equivalent of the polar vortex

Launched by parents of an infectiously funny and *mostly* happy boy on the spectrum, the Joyriding in Autismland podcast chats with ASD parents, kiddos, therapists, writers, and artists about the unexpected, charming, and funny moments with Autism. Because laughing? Is the best vacation. Find the show notes online at

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Stoked to be chatting with Eric Tivers, licensed Clinical Social Worker, coach, consultant, and counselor for ADHD and High Functioning Autism.

We chat about what led him to an ADHD diagnosis in college, and what happens when autism is comorbid with ADHD. (<-- See also: polar vortex.)

Eric has a new podcast coming out soon, ADHD Rewired, and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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