Joyriding In Autismland: Autism Podcast with Kid Gigawatt : 28 Cynthia Lord | on her Newberry award-winning book, Rules, and what's next

Launched by parents of an infectiously funny and *mostly* happy boy on the spectrum, the Joyriding in Autismland podcast chats with ASD parents, kiddos, therapists, writers, and artists about the unexpected, charming, and funny moments with Autism. Because laughing? Is the best vacation. Find the show notes online at

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Today I am super excited to speak to fellow Mainer and Newberry award-winning author of the book Rules, Cynthia Lord. We chat about writing a book with autism at the center, her new books coming out this year, and some ideas for making libraries more inclusive for kiddos on the spectrum.



My favorite rule for David: "Sometimes people laugh when they like you, but sometimes they laugh to hurt you." So true!


Grab your copy through your local independent bookseller here.

You can find Cynthia's website at, and she's also on Facebook and Twitter.




PS A link to my blog post on our top 15 audiobooks.

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