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Launched by parents of an infectiously funny and *mostly* happy boy on the spectrum, the Joyriding in Autismland podcast chats with ASD parents, kiddos, therapists, writers, and artists about the unexpected, charming, and funny moments with Autism. Because laughing? Is the best vacation. Find the show notes online at

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Today, I'm so excited to speak to Mabel's Labels founder, blogger, and mama to many, Julie Cole. Julie's business has been featured on the Huffington Post, The View, InStyle Magazine, Forbes, and many others, and her oldest of 6 kids has autism.


You can get Mabel's Label's through their website or at Target. For those of you with runners (I'm lookin' at you, Roman!), I'm gonna encourage you to check out these handy disposable ID bracelets - especially if you're planning to go somewhere magical like Disney, and want to make it out the other side with your kid.

Here's the link to the excellent summer camp guide that I mentioned on the podcast - Julie wrote this backed by her experience in choosing camps for her own kids, and it picks apart how to consider your child's unique character and interests, figuring out what's left in your wallet, and finding the right environment for them.

Also, here are links to her blog post Nice Things You Say That Annoy Me, and her hilariously well-reasoned 6 Reasons to Have 6 Kids, that originally appeared in the Huffington Post.

Here are Julie's deets all in one place:
Personal Blog:
Business Blog:
Facebook page:
Twitter profile:

Best quote ever? "Labels are for clothes."


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Today I am super excited to speak to fellow Mainer and Newberry award-winning author of the book Rules, Cynthia Lord. We chat about writing a book with autism at the center, her new books coming out this year, and some ideas for making libraries more inclusive for kiddos on the spectrum.



My favorite rule for David: "Sometimes people laugh when they like you, but sometimes they laugh to hurt you." So true!


Grab your copy through your local independent bookseller here.

You can find Cynthia's website at, and she's also on Facebook and Twitter.




PS A link to my blog post on our top 15 audiobooks.

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Named one of Forbes' top 30 Twitter influencers in 2013, social media rockstar, best-selling author, publisher, speaker, business consultant and super nice guy Chris Brogan is today's guest. We chat about the inspiration behind his new book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth: Entrepreneurship for Weirdos, Misfits, and World Dominators.


I met Chris at the Agents of Change social media conference in Portland Maine last year, where he was the keynote speaker. He hung around after his talk, and later in the afternoon, he walked up to a little group of us to tell me that he liked my lightning bolt t-shirt. So I sent him one, and he sent me back a superhero selfie. (FANCY)

Last month, when I read that his new book was coming out, I congratulated him over Twitter, and then he decided to tweet about Kid Gigawatt for a month solid. I pushed my luck by asking to interview him about his new book, and he said yes. Hooray!

And then, on his 44th birthday, he wrote this post sending folks our way: Whatttttt? I really wouldn't be surprised if he came over to mow our lawn next. (Hint: he really is a superhero.)

Here are all his deets:

And check out his brand new book through your local independent bookseller, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth. #proudfreak


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On road tripping from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon this summer, and our plans to make a documentary movie. Check out the deets here.


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